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Dear Friends,

I am writing to you with a call to action: On Nov. 12 and 13, the Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation will present the Sunshine from Darkness “Journey to Wellness Symposium” and “Inspiring Hope Dinner” in Sarasota, Fla. I made the decision to re-introduce these events to continue the efforts my parents guided for 15 years, raising more than $5 million for mental health research. Today, I ask that you consider sponsoring these events and help to support mental health services in Sarasota-Manatee as well as cutting-edge mental health research.

It is likely that you know someone with a mental health challenge whose life would be improved with better treatment and support, and less stigma. Here are just a few statistics for reference:

• More than 45,000 people die annually by suicide, the 10th leading cause of death for all ages in the U.S.;
• One in 25 adults in the U.S. has a serious mental illness that limits or interferes with major life activities;
• 16 million adults in the U.S. have experienced at least one depressive episode in the past year;
• Depression ranks #1 among the most common causes of disability in the U.S., leading to $51 billion in lost productivity each year.

Unfortunately, Florida ranks dead last in the country for funding mental health disorders. For this reason, I have chosen Coastal Behavioral Healthcare and First Step of Sarasota as the mental health services beneficiaries of the Sunshine from Darkness events. The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation will be the mental health research beneficiary.

My desire to further my parents’ legacy comes from my deep commitment and dedication to those who suffer from mental health and addiction disorders. We must stop the adverse outcomes and the economic cost of untreated mental illness and move brain research to the forefront of funding.

Please visit out Sponsorship page for your review and consideration. I hope you will join Sunshine from Darkness and the Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation in helping to fund mental health research that could transform people’s lives and enhance their well-being as well supporting agencies that provide critically needed mental health services in our local community.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

With warmest regards,

Jeffrey Peterson
President, The Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation


Why Support Us?

Sunshine from Darkness, which is presenting these events, is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to raising funds for mental health research and local mental health charities that provide direct services in the Sarasota community. Its mission is to raise awareness of mental health and addiction disorders and erase the stigma.

First Step of Sarasota prevents and treats addictions and associated disorders, offering a full array of services addressing both the opioid and child welfare crises. Programs include its Mothers and Infants program, helping to deliver 460 drug-free babies, and its Student Assistance Programs, which provide mental health services in the schools. Its goal is to help those who suffer from alcohol and addiction disorders. First Step is licensed by the State of Florida and accredited by CARF.

Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding scientific grants that will ultimately enable people to live full, happy and productive lives. 100% of donations for research goes to research selected by world-renowned scientists. Since 1987, BBRF has awarded more than $408 million to fund more than 5,900 grants to more than 4,800 scientists around the world.