A couple rides in a convertible on a summer evening.

10 Ways to Enhance Mental Health This Summer

We often associate summertime with vacations, time by the pool, and less stress. While all of these things are true, the general lack of structure that often comes with the summer can lead to anxiety. For those who are working, being cooped up indoors can lead to restlessness or feeling sad after returning from vacation. Regardless of […]

Reports of anxiety and depression more than 6 times higher during pandemic

Reports of Anxiety and Depression More than 6 Times Higher During Pandemic In the latest evidence that the coronavirus pandemic has harmed people’s mental health, Boston College researchers say reports of anxiety and depression among Americans increased in 2020 to levels more than six times higher than the year before. “The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted […]

Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry Still Slugging

Recovered addict, author and public speaker Darryl Strawberry will be the keynote speaker at the Nov. 12 Inspiring Hope Dinner. Darryl Strawberry, who ended his career in Major League Baseball in 1999 after 17 seasons, most of them as a superstar, will speak at the Nov. 12 Sunshine from Darkness Inspiring Hope Dinner. There he […]