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Deanna Silva

Even beauty queens get the blues Severe post-partum depression after the birth of her twins gave Deanna Silva — Mrs. USOA Florida 2022 — ... continue reading

Daniel Fisher

From patient to professional After his own experience of schizophrenia, Daniel Fisher became a psychiatrist to humanize the mental health system and help others ... continue reading

Gabrielle Lennon

‘I thought I was God’s little voodoo doll’ As a child, Gabrielle Lennon suffered with OCD, depression and an eating disorder. As an adult, ... continue reading

Kimberlee Gerstheimer

‘When are you going to erase the line in the sand?’ Kimberlee Gerstheimer was once paralyzed by panic attacks. Dance and determination set her ... continue reading

Elaine Sephton

From corporate consultant to mental health crusader Elaine Sephton spent most of her career feeling like an imposter. Now she’s found her true calling. ... continue reading

Andrea Arguello-Abramson

Rebellion, denial…and eventural acceptance It took years for Andrea Arguello-Abramson to take the advice she now gives others: “Take your medicine.” When Andrea Arguello-Abramson ... continue reading

Pete Imhoff

Learning to say no In an effort to effect change and be appreciated, Peter Imhoff overcommitted, putting his own mental health at risk. Now ... continue reading

Melonie Mack

The death of the life of the party Melonie Mack’s mother was brilliant, creative, empathetic and loving. Except when she wasn’t Melonie Mack grew ... continue reading

Nick Rentschler

Home…at last After abuse, addiction, homelessness and delusion, Nick Rentschler has finally found stability. Nick Rentschler never knew the feeling of being “at home.” ... continue reading

Emily Henterly

A diagnosis…by algorithm Emma Henterly was skeptical of Tik Tok. That is, until the social media app figured out what doctors had long missed ... continue reading