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Who We Are

Student With Lit Light Bulb As A Head Solving Math Problem Drawn On Blackboard.
Sunshine from Darkness raises funds for local charities and cutting-edge research for mental health and addiction disorder services.

Sunshine from Darkness is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to raising funds for local charities that provide mental health and addiction disorder services in the Sarasota community and funding cutting-edge research.

Founded as a subsidiary of the Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation, Sunshine from Darkness hosts major events throughout the year. These events serve to bring mental health and addiction awareness and education to the community and provide local professionals and philanthropists the opportunity to engage with the broader mental health community.

Our Mission

Sunshine from Darkness is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and addiction disorders and erasing the stigma of both. Sunshine from Darkness is committed to providing resources, education, and advocacy for those who have mental health and addiction challenges.

We believe …

  • We need to close the gap in local funding of mental health services and research
  • We need to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and addiction
  • We believe … there is Sunshine from Darkness